Unusual Paper Clips

Even if you (like me) do not decorate your Filofax or Midori, it is nice to have a little whimsy in there, in the shape of a paper clip or a bit of wash-tape to mark off your ‘me time’. I have done a little wander round the internet to look for some paper clips for you and here are the results:

By Midori – try the The Journal Shop for these
Etsy - find them here
Etsy – find them here
Etsy - find them here
Etsy – find them here
Etsy - find them here
Etsy – find them here for next Christmas
Find them and more here
Find them and more here

And the following and more can be found here. Not sure if you can buy from this site of if they are just a wholesaler showing their wares but I bet you have never seen so many different paperclips in one place! If you have no time to look at them all, take a look at the Body Organ, Fancy Shaped, and Animals

Some of their clips below:









Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Be careful with the dog bone ones. When you clip it on the paper with the clip on the top it takes on a whole different “look” that has nothing to do with a dog bone and a lot to do with “man parts” 🙂

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