HOTD #11 – Tabitha/Orca Go Lightly

Orca Tan

Now this one is one of my favourite bags. It can do everything and has taken a beating and come up smiling. I have used it as a travel bag, an overnight bag, a work bag, a casual bag. It has a nice A5 sized pocket at the front for a planner or Filofax.

I used to love Orca bags. Somewhere along the line they changed their name from Orca to Tabitha and on Red Direct they sold out the old Orca ones. I bought a tan one and a brown one. I got two for the price of one.


Soft squarish bag with metal zipper and two adjustable straps. Has one unlined outside pocket in A5 size. Inside it is lined in cotton with a zippered pocket and a pouch pocket.


It is square but not hard so everything sits in place nicely without tumbling into a pile. Light, hardwearing and the wide soft straps are the most comfortable of any bag I own. They are just perfect for carrying via both hand and shoulder. This bag doesn’t look big but fits enormous amounts. A4 slides in with ease. The metal zip is really heavy duty and slides smooth as a dream.


Absolutely none.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. They were about £130 to start with and I got mine at about £65 when they were discontinued. Unfortunately they may not be the hot property they once were (though they should be because they are lovely) but I would aim at a number in between those two. I am not a pink person or I would have taken it off your hands immediately as I love these bags! Good luck. Contact me if you have any more questions!

  2. Hi, I have an Orca bag I bought a few years ago. I have never used it and it has spent all it’s life in it’s dust bag safely tucked away. It is similar to yours, slightly longer and pink. I am thinking of selling it but I can’t find any like mine on ebay or anywhere else. It was quite expensive when I bought it and I would love to know how much they go for. Anyone got any ideas?!

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