Zenok ‘Zendori’ notebook covers and pencil case

About two weeks ago I ordered three items from Zenok Leather on Etsy – a  full-sized ‘Zendori’ , an A5 ‘Zendori’ and a matching pencil case. All monogrammed with my full name. I didn’t expect them to get here until mid-January due to Christmas and New Year delays but today they arrived – just in time for 1st January when I was planning to put them into action. I figured that it was no great problem if they were late as I had all the innards and would just use them as is until then. But with them here just in time – hey, this bodes well for 2014!

The package was nice and light so shipping for all three was cheap. Zeno refunded the difference between what I had been charged and what it  actually cost which was great. His communication was also excellent – quick answers to all my questions. I also kept adding to my order and he took it all in his stride.

The items were in a beautiful dustbag with a logo on it, and were each encased in plastic.

Wow, my breath was taken away.

  • The leather is absolutely beautiful. Totally natural leather – pale and virginal. It is like raw denim – will take on its own character as it ages and wears. It is nice and thick and firm (which I really like) but not so thick that it is difficult to bend.
  • The contrast details of the slightly darker loop and tag make a perfect impression on the eye. Subtle but very pleasing.
  • The font for my name is really nice – not too big, very discreet but there nonetheless.
  • The four elastics are really nice and made for stuffing (my downfall, alas)
  • The elastic notches into which the elastic slots is a brilliant idea

I tend to throw pencils all over the bottom of my bag and scratch around for them like a chicken scratching for corn every time I need one. Pen loops don’t help because I never put the pen back after I use it. So the pencil case will hopefully keep things together and easily visible. Even if I throw most of them to the bottom of my bag there should be one or two left in the pencil case at the end of the day.

The A5 is going to hold two Flex notebooks (one for addresses and contact details, and one to keep track of sales) and a calendar to mark off schedules for posting of packages, and also keep a record of what went where and when. The fourth elastic is going to hold the booklet I print of my longer term to dos. I just print double sided and fold to form a booklet.

The Full Size is going to be for To Dos, temporary lists, scribbles and so on. For this I have ordered planner and notebook inserts from Ray and will be using my Journal Shop plastic pockets and Kraft files (bought for my other Full Size notebooks)

I will do a separate post on my setup once I have done it.

Dustbag with logo
Dustbag with logo
Lovely handwritten note
Lovely handwritten note
Pencil case with red stitching
Pencil case with red stitching

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photo 4-3
photo 3-3

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