More pictures of very rare Edwardian Pencil

I am using this pencil to write in my Edwardian 5 year diary. I find it amazing to think that both the pen and diary have survived two world wars, not to mention everything else that has happened since 1900.

This pencil is in perfect working order. I use 2H 2mm Koh-i-noor leads and a lead pointer to sharpen them. I bought both it and the diary from online antique stores (which I love browsing!)

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I use this pencil with 2mm 2H Koh-i-noor leads and a lead pointer for sharpening, to write in my Asprey 5 year diary from 1900.

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. fully agree with mulemotherbooks above! Enjoy your things while you are here!!!!!!! We can’t take them with us when we go!!!!!!

  2. I love that you are actually using the pencil! I know so many folks who have beautiful, perfectly functional antique things that just sit in boxes and never see the light of day.. Here’s to not making things too precious!

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