Linga-Longa Yvonne’s Boerboels


Yvonne du Randt has the most beautiful Boerboels and she takes fantastic photos so I hope you enjoy this post. You can always tell when a photographer loves their subject and Yvonne most certainly does. These dogs are loved and they know they are loved and safe.  As the Boerboel world has more and more unscrupulous breeders doing things just for the money, I want to give a big big thank you to people like Yvonne who love their dogs, their puppies and make sure they go to good loving homes. Yvonne is one of the best breed ambassadors out there.

Yvonne is not just a Boerboel lover, she and her husband also own Linga-Longa Boerboels – the mission statement says it all. These dogs are not bred for money but for love of the breed. Even though Linga-Longa dogs are so well known (just see one day’s prizes above), Yvonne very kindly let me make this album of her beautiful dogs for my blog because she knows I love the breed. The last four photos in this series are my favourite. Now wouldn’t you like to see a calendar with those fun-loving beauties on it? Thank you Yvonne for letting me write this post about you. It’s been a pleasure but very difficult choosing which photographs to use!

The epic Tank!

971757_10200726193772471_1755418586_n 946566_10200753184647226_108907775_n 942190_10200736515150499_606817932_n65429_1700693592430_2581783_n 150313_1652674311978_4679158_n 402807_4125642654641_602332974_n zimone tuffie 205580_1007308938247_4725_n 164379_1689879482084_8383075_n Linga Longa Zelra 8 weeks Linga longa Zinette 373910_2582626520202_1959760890_n 261582_2139128193021_6591523_n 302832_4455246934542_444459989_n 599185_3807664585388_771699155_n 404213_2909934302692_1719495332_n 532741_3473714236838_860925245_n 302832_4455246934542_444459989_n 263550_2065991084639_5344251_n-1 150313_1652674271977_426502_n

Zelra at 8 weeks
Zelra at 8 weeks

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  1. Hi! Iv been browsing your website & I’m so impressed by ur boerboels ! I’m interested in buying a pup , can u pls give me ur contact details ! Thank u !

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