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I took a look at my favourite sellers on Etsy this week and found a gorgeous binder by Akiko from kikosattic. She does lovely work with everything done by hand and the most beautiful details. Akiko is a Filofax fan so her binders are Filofax compatible. Read my interview with her here

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This binder features very lovely and unique leather.

I think this red is very nice! it’s just like a dark red apple.
The pattern is unique and cute. It’s like…tiles. Many small squares.
The texture is also strange, it’s the middle of glossy and mat.
This leather itself is made in Italy.

This binder is completely my handmade, handstitched. No machine is used at all.
4 pockets. Inside of thems are fully lined with dark gold liner.
All edges are filed, trimmed and coated with jade green.
Stitch isalso jade green.

The binder is very strong as it has a sturdy (but thin and soft) pad inside.
I put it even in the band, so it doesn’t get worn out easily.
You can use it for many years!

+++++MEASUREMENTS (approximately)+++++
height: 14.5cm
width: 10cm
ring size: 15mm
suitable papaer size : B7 (about 12.6 x 8cm)
If you need paper, please ask me.

This item comes in a gift box .

Link to the item here

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