Ever heard of Wrap Rage?

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Wrap rage, also called package rage, is the common name for heightened levels of anger and frustration resulting from the inability to open hard-to-open packaging, particularly some heat-sealed plastic blister packs and clamshells. Consumers suffer thousands of injuries per year, such as cut fingers and sprained wrists, from tools used to open packages and from the packaging itself. Easy-opening systems are available, when desired, to improve convenience to end-users.

Packaging sometimes must be made difficult to open. For example, regulations dictate that some over-the-counter drugs have tamper resistance to deter unauthorized opening prior to the intended customer and be in child-resistant packaging. Other packages are intentionally made difficult to open to reduce package pilferage and shoplifting.[1]

Hard plastic blister packs also protect the products while they are being shipped.[2] In addition, using transparent plastic allows consumers to view products directly before purchasing them.[3]

The term wrap rage itself came about as a result of media attention to the phenomenon. Although other variants such as packaging ragehave been used as early as 1998, Word Spy identifies the earliest use of wrap rage as coming from The Daily Telegraph in 2003.[4][5] TheAmerican Dialect Society identified the term as one of the most useful of 2007.[6]




Personally I hate enormous amounts of packing material for a tiny item combined with clamshell packaging. Think small earbuds/earphones which have twist ties holding them together then a huge plastic clamshell and then a cardboard box covered in tightly wrapped cellophane.







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