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Botha Allison two coloured men who nearly cut her throat and left her for dead at Noordhoek might get bail[5]

I am proud to have among my friends a wonderful woman called Alison, who cheated death and fought for victory for rape survivors everywhere.

Alison was on her way home when she was attacked by two convicted rapists who had just been released from prison. Her attackers stabbed her countless times and slit her throat before leaving her for dead. Holding her intestines in her one hand while propping her severed head up with the other she dragged herself to the road where she lay down and waited for someone to stop.

After several cars refused to stop, a young veterinary student stopped to help, kept her conscious and took her to hospital, where the doctor fainted at the sight of her injuries. But she fought for life, survived…

…and refused to hide her head in shame as so many who are raped do. She sued the South African government for letting the rapists go free and faced her attackers in court. She won justice and gave rape victims a new identity – as rape survivors.

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