My favourite Filofax site is Philofaxy. My favourite planner site is Plannerisms. I have had it on my bookmarks and favourites lists on three successive computers and that is a huge complement. Plannerisms does feature Filofaxes but the bulk of the posts are about other types of planners – both ring and bound.

I have always loved stationery – pens, paper, journals, planners and notebooks make me euphoric. I can spend ages in any shop selling stationery and always come out with something.

I also have a very stressful job with a demanding schedule and I could not make it without a decent planner. My handbag and my planner are my office. I spend up to 12 hours a day in other peoples’ offices. I have up to 8 meetings a day and I need room details, travel details. maps, lists, contact details to hand. I also need to constantly scribble reminders and to dos on the fly. I also travel a lot. Most planners cannot handle what I do. I need something sizeable but not heavy. Flexible but powerful. I am not afraid to try new things. So I love reading on Plannerisms about different kinds of planners.

This blog deals with any kind of planner you can think of – old favorites, new inventions, something different, something daring, something innovative.  Laurie at Plannerisms road tests them all and will always offer advice if you ask something in the comments field of her blog. She is open and honest when her planners fail and switches planners regularly which I love.  She offers regular competitions when you can win planners and most of these are available worldwide. I was lucky enough to win one recently which made me almost jump on my bed for joy!

I have written about them before but Laurie has created her own Plannerisms planner for goal setting and forward planning – she has tried very hard to give all us readers exactly what we want while keeping the price low and the quality high.

I was one of the early devotees of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) – using Casio then Psion (three different models) and Palm Pilot (3 different plus the Palm Life Drive and Treo), before switching back to paper. I find writing on paper instant, soothing, secure. No hanging or crashing, no iffy Wifi connections, no syncing or backups required. My thoughts go straight from brain to paper through pen. No warming up, no tapping, no finger trouble. I can’t see myself ever changing from paper again and I am so grateful that in these days of digital dominance, some people prefer paper.

Thank you Laurie

Author: Janet Carr

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