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I don’t have one of these but I have always lusted after one. The reason I have never bought one is that, despite their utter beauty, the styles are not that practical for me. The size/straps/shape combinations have never been ones that function with my work. I need to lug everything I need for one day in my bag. But this year I think I am DEFINITELY going to buy one. UPDATE —— I have just bought an Anusckha bag but you will have to wait for my Handbag of The Day post when I get it to see which one it is!

I have included quite big photos in this post to show you details both front and back.

These bags are designed in the US by a mother-son design team and then created in India by family members. Each part of each bag is handmade and they are individually sketched and then hand painted. Finally, a member of the family signs each work by hand. They also do custom orders. There are different series each season so if you like one it is better to buy it as soon as possible.

They also do jackets, belts, wallets, boxes and picture frames. They also have very good sales! I can’t say enough that I think their bags are stunning! I must also add a big plus for their customer service. They are brilliantly quick to respond to email and are extremely helpful.

Each bag is painted front and back and the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. Website details are below.

443 DNP front

443 DNP BACK478-LMM-Large478-LMM-Back






This bag is now on sale:


And these ones below are just beautiful!


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