My A5 Grey Malden is now set up to serve me well in 2013

Seeing as it is a new year, I spent quite some time on New Year’s Day setting up my Filofax for this year – believe me, this is the best way I know to spend the first day of the year. I usually cannot stick to a diary for more than six months. Mostly through boredom but mainly because my system gets on top of me. I am a Filofax over-stuffer with a job that requires very detailed organization.


I am using my A5 Malden in Grey.


In the generous front zippered pocket I have two spare pens,two highlighters and a spare USB stick. I will probably put some Post Its in there if I need them but am trying to avoid the dreaded overstuffing. I could take out one pen and one highlighter too, for that matter.


On the zip pull I have a little cat charm – mainly because I like it and have never found anything to use it for. It is a mobile phone charm given to me by a very dear friend but I have never had a phone that could fit it.


In the slots inside front cover  I have papers I need to work through, a business card and a Christmas present card from a secret friend. I think I know who it is, I just have to do some research and that is there to remind me.

At the front I have a clear zippered envelope. This will be for notes, receipts, vouchers and small scraps of paper I need to keep and sort out later.


Behind that is 6 months of Burde (a Swedish brand) WOTP with vertical format. I like these because they are divided into very clear time slots so this suits me perfectly. I have to have my scheduling puzzle perfectly in order. I can highlight lunch-times and times between appointments where I need to include travelling time. I walk between 10000 and 25000 steps a day in my job and that takes quite a long time away from my job. They are designed to fit the rings of just about every ringbound planner there is.

Behind that is 3 months of WOTP horizontal format for daily to-dos. I can divide my chores and to dos evenly over the week. Behind that are about ten pages of notepaper for anything that can’t go into the weekly diary.


Behind that are 4 world maps. My clients travel a lot and need to be quite knowledgeable about where countries lie and how close other countries are. I sometimes ask them to list the 54 countries in Africa and then once they have done their list I give them the map to double check. Same goes for Eastern Europe.

After that go business cards in a business card sleeve.



Behind that are clear plastic envelopes containing

  • discussion topics for my students. Some with accompanying articles.
  • my own lists, goals, resolutions, longterm shopping list, to do’s. I have photos and lists of clothes I need for example or beauty products I want to buy so if I am in town with time to spare I can go and look at them and decide.
  • Speeches I am working on
  • Our Union Collective agreement and our local agreement
  • Attendance Registers and needs analyses questionnaires.





I also have a set of Post-Its which I may or may not put at the front.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I just love your Grey Malden. I have one in the Personal size.Not sure if I’ll use it this year though.

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