Byredo Perfumes

A perfume house I would like to recommend is Byredo. It is a small (though growing) niche brand with the most glorious fragrances. You can buy them online or in their store if you are in Stockholm. Cannot recommend them… Read More ›

XJ 17/17 XXY Perfume

This is the perfume I mentioned the other way which has the most beautiful bottle. A very rare perfume – very expensive but it is in a handmade Murano glass bottle with a gold stopper. The official description is: The… Read More ›

Xerjoff Fiore d’Ulivo

Xerjoff Fiore d’Ulivo Description Springtime in the Mediterranean lands, where the olive trees bloom for just a few days every year. This treasured scent is at the core of Fiore d’Ulivo. Fresh citrus and lotus flower notes surround the gentle… Read More ›