Elephant Rock, Iceland

The Elephant Rock is a natural rock formation on the Westman Islands archipelago, located approximately 7.4 kilometres off Iceland’s South Coast. The rock is elephantine enough that some people think that it must have been shaped with human intervention. That… Read More ›

Interesting yarn names

The Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Founded in 1947, it attempts to replicate the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by the English colonists who became known as the Pilgrims…. Read More ›

Many Happy Returns

These days it is more common for people to say ‘Happy Birthday‘, but you still sometimes hear ‘Many Happy Returns’. A student asked me the other day what this phrase meant, as it is not obvious to foreign speakers. The… Read More ›

Did you know?

  Pink was originally a colour for boys and blue was originally a colour for girls. Pink was seen as a version of red, a very masculine colour. And blue was a colour associated with icons of the Virgin Mary… Read More ›