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I used to spend a lot of time in London. A close family member lived there with their beautiful family, and I also work for a London-based company. I would spend time in London four or five times a year.

I loved going to the Lush shop at Covent Garden. The idea of beauty products being sold as fresh goods, and styled like a delicatessen, was totally new then. The ‘menu boards’, soaps cut by hand like cheeses, beauty products packaged like food products, was fascinating. There was also a thick newspaper called The Lush Times which I would pore over once home, reading the descriptions of all the products. They had amazing names – Butterball, Dream Cream, Angels on Bare Skin, Mask of Magnaminty.

Shortly thereafter, Lush came to Sweden, but I never shopped there. Mainly because the products were pretty pricey, but also because the shops had such a strong smell. In Sweden, due to the weather, the doors are closed most of the year, and the smell tended to be overpowering. Even with the doors open, the smell used to hit you. I have not noticed that lately though, so maybe they have toned it down a little. Even inside the shop, the smell is not as strong as before.

I have received a number of their products as gifts and have loved them all. Their shampoo bars are lovely, the in-shower body conditioner is fantastic, I love their bath bombs, and their body lotion bars are glorious. Lush shower gels are pricey, but they last way longer than even Body Shop shower gels. When I need a treat I normally buy a couple to alternate. Above are the ones I am using right now.

Their soap is so pretty.

and they have this interesting packaging-free mascara. You choose the colour and applicator type, wet the applicator, stick it in the colour, twirl it around, and apply. I am not sure how you would transport it, and it is not something I would buy, but it reminds me of the block mascara my mother used to use.

I received a Good Karma gift set for my birthday and am really enjoying it.

My favourite product is this one though, but too expensive for me, even though 100% of the sales price of the product, minus government taxes, goes into the Charity Pot fund which supports small scale organisations and campaigners in the areas of animal protection, human rights, and the environment.

It comes in solid bars (called ‘charity coins‘) and cream in a tub, but is $23 for about 240g/8oz and that is way too pricey for me. The smell though, is absolutely divine, so I may put it on my list for when I REALLY need to treat myself.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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