My go-to leather moisturising products at the moment

For years I did not clean (apart from with a baby wipe), moisturise or condition any of my leather products. Not even my shoes or boots. Having said that though, my work has  a shoe polishing machine  which I use twice a week in snowy, muddy, and dusty weather . Said machine has shoe polish as well as conditioning products and different brushes to clean and polish and buff. It takes about two minutes of you just standing there and moving your foot around. I am always flabbergasted at how much of a difference it makes.

I also condition my leather motorcycle clothing. This I do with Harley Davidsons own-brand leather protectant. It works really well and we also use it to condition any leather elements on the bike – seat, saddle bags, backrests. These are hammered by rain and dust so they really need help sometimes.


Local leather crafter Lejonkulan’s leather conditioning product is my real go to nowadays. The tubs are not fancy but the product inside is magic. The leathersmith who owns Lejonkulan must make it in-house because there are no ingredients, no weight of the product or European markings listed on the tub of product. The only information about the product is how to use it, that it is non-toxic and waterproof.

I normally do not moisturise any of my leather planners, but this undyed Janet Leather pocket-sized planner I do because this leather is really delicate and has no coating. Normally, natural oils from your hands are all you need but I wanted to keep this planner pristinely free from scuffs and stains as long as possible so I have used moisturiser and protectors on it. I am so pleased with the result!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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