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I have always been endlessly curious. Regular blog readers can attest to the fact that I write about all kinds of things. So when I can learn about things every day, I love it.

I love groups and subreddits such as Today I learned, and Damn That’s Interesting because they curate all the fascinating facts that would otherwise remain unknown. These days you have to be very careful not to believe everything on social media because so much is patently untrue but unfortunately still goes viral. Today I learned verifies each and every factoid posted, and Damn That’s Interesting is also pretty reliable. Normally if I am really interested in something, I research it further.

Below is an example of something that is untrue, but the truth is actually quite similar.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Amazing stories, how did they empty the walls of poop in those castles? I don’t think anyone really knows now but it must have been done otherwise the walls would fill up with so much poop they would begin to smell.

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