I am happy at a shower cap

I have long thick curly hair which takes ages to dry – manually or with a hairdryer. This means that if my hair gets wet in the shower I either go to bed with cold damp hair, or I go outside with cold damp hair. For this reason, I wash it only twice a week, and condition it a third day. The rest of the time I put it up in a bun on the top of my head and shower with a shower cap.

I normally use the free shower caps you get at hotels, or thin ones I buy for $2 for four. They don’t last very long.

After arriving home from South Africa, I realised I did not have any shower caps left at all. It was cold and snowing and all my usual ones were sold out. So I splurged on this beauty. It was $8 but is made of lovely strong plastic and lined in thick t-shirt material. You can plant the paper packaging, and wildflowers will grow.

I usually budget, but sometimes a splurge is good. This cap may last longer and be kinder to the environment and the people who make them than the cheapies I usually buy. It will make me happy every time I use it.

People sometimes say ‘oh I wish I had had a happy life’. But you can. Everyone can. As long as you don’t expect to be happy all the time. Cherish the small moments of joy, even if they come surrounded by times of darkness. And together those small moments will add up to a happy life. Pretty nails, a cup of tea and a book, a favourite movie, cuddling a pet. String these little moments together like pearls and take them out and polish them when life seems hard.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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