Outfits for travelling in hot weather

Dressing for hot weather travel is a challenge. I don’t like to bare a lot of skin at my age, but I still need to be cool. I hate feeling constricted and sweaty.

When you are travelling in hot weather, clothes need to be comfortable. That means loose, stretchy fabrics that will wick sweat away from your body and are not too fitted. I love ruching for this because outfits can be fitted but not tight. I refuse to wear anything that digs into my waist or arms.

Fabrics also need to be easy to wash and hang dry overnight. I usually travel with a ziploc bag of handwashing powder and a travel clothesline. A quick wash in a basin and you will be ready to go the next morning.

Light-coloured clothes are comfortable to wear and somehow make you feel cooler, but you need to act on drips, and stains quickly because they are visible and you don’t want them to set.

I tend to go with a colour theme so I don’t need to pack much – this time it was lemon yellow, pink, turquoise and green. My jewellery and nail polish was in that colour family as well.

Travelling is tough as you are in airports (usually hot) and on planes (often cold). I don’t like wearing light-coloured clothes on planes in case of spills. This is a mid-blue denim jacket and skinny jeans, pink scarf and sneakers, and Longchamp bag with pink tassel. I normally travel with a leather jacket but in summer it is way too hot.
Light coloured jeans, flip flops by Ipanema, yellow t shirt. Don’t be afraid of lemony yellow – it is surprisingly flattering, even if you are very pale.
H and M t shirt
Yellow t shirt, white Lidl skinny jeans. I love slim-fitting white jeans, but I always buy them really cheaply because they stain and lose their crisp whiteness after a couple of years. Nude underwear is a must.
Another yellow t shirt (I have three), with a green skirt made out of silk scarves that doesn’t show well on camera. I paired this one with a turquoise cardigan.

Gorgeous fitted dress given to me by a friend. This is by Penny Lane and comes from the UK.

Me369 skirt and pink t shirt.
Lightweight green patterned jumpsuit with ruched waist. Unbelievably easy to wear and dries in about an hour.
Long white dress with seashells all over it

Long silk dress with ruched waist.
It was really hot so I swam quite often. I have a plain black swimming costume with brightly coloured stones embroidered along the top. It was so hot here (43°C in the shade) that you could not walk without shoes on.
Plain white t shirt with blue necklace

Author: Janet Carr

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