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I wrote about advent calendars for pen lovers a few days ago, and I received this lovely comment from subgirl. It was so great I have copied it below. Thank you subgirl for the fantastic tips!

Aw, I already have this year’s Inkvent ready & waiting (this will be my 3rd year), but that Pen Store advent is fantastic, though only available to the EU (no UK or US shipping, boo)!

The Well Appointed Desk did a feature on stationery/nerdy Advent calendars that are widely available . Present & Correct in the UK do a pencil advent & an eraser one (not available yet, and usually sell out FAST, you can sign up for notification when they’re available. They used to be a collab with CW Pencil Enterprises in NYC before they closed. )

I will probably only do the Inkvent & maybe get a candle from Convivio Bookworks ( ) they’re a small printshop that go slow and take time to notice the seasons passing. They do things a little differently and in a very homey-community-feeling way. The newsletter (book of days) is exceptionally welcome year round but especially during the holidays.

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  1. Heh you’re welcome! BTW the Present & Correct Pencil & Eraser advents are up (they weren’t totally sold out when I looked about 6 hours after they went up).

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