A Belmont Week

Size comparison between pocket-sized Filofax Belmont and my iPhone 11.
The detailing on this binder is gorgeous. Perfect stitching and impressed lines
My lists are always very simple. I have no decoration or full sentences in my lists – ever. Just words to remind me. Once the list is completed, I remove the page and throw it away.
This is a list of where I am selling things on this particular day. Sellpy collects from my home, Kaplans is an auction house, Pantbank is the local pawnship which takes things like broken earring backs, scrap bits of silver and gold, and gives immediate cash. Milda Matilda sells vintage items.
I love the double popper!

I received a question about how my largish writing functions in the small spaces of a pocket calendar. The short answer is: not very well. Having said that though, going over demarcated lines into a space in the next column has  never bothered me, and I usually just use codes for my bookings. I have never been neat, or bothered about scribbling all over the page. I just throw these pages away once clients receive their invoices and pay them.

I am hoping I will get used to working in the smaller space soon. When I take my pocket-sized binder to work with me, I have that feeling that I have left behind something important  at home in my personal sized binder. But it hasn’t happened. To me, this size still feels too small to be totally useful, but it has functioned perfectly. And the small size is perfect for small handbags/big pockets, and is not heavy or bulky, making it easier to take it with you and thus make you more efficient.  In my natural state, I am an overstuffer. I stuff every set of rings (no matter how big) so full that you can barely turn the pages. If you recognise yourself in this, read my blog post about my thought process  when overstuffing my binder (Diary of an overstuffer), and see if you recognise that in yourself

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