When it comes to social media, I use Reddit most, followed by Facebook, then Instagram, and finally Twitter. I only tend to use Twitter when a fast-breaking news story happens. I have Snapchat but only use it when people send me Snaps. I don’t have TikTok. I don’t use YouTube often either. I am a reader rather than a watcher, which means I prefer blogs and books to videos and films.

I like Reddit because it is largely text-based, and the general discussions seem so much more intelligent than on Facebook. People in the subreddits I follow can’t get away with spreading fake news or making statements and not being able to back them up. There is hardly ever any arguing, and humour tends to prevail. I guess that all depends on which subs you join though.

My favourite subreddits are

Other ones I pop into from time to time are

  • I Don’t Work Here Lady
  • Tales from the front desk/your server/tech support/retail (each one is a separate subreddit)
  • Bridezillas
  • Just No Mil
  • Entitled People

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions ! I’ll look them up.

    I follow those :
    – r/nextfuckinglevel/
    – r/audiobooksonyoutube/
    – r/aww/
    – r/badwomensanatomy/
    – r/MapPorn/
    – r/OldSchoolCool/

  2. I absolutely love Reddit too! I discovered it about a year or so ago when articles about it in my news feed, so I decided to have a proper look and I was hooked!… I tend to look at the popular posts and they never disappoint. I have a few that I follow but I never think about looking at them. Sometimes there are some truly shocking articles and then you can always count on the fact that there WILL be some super cute cat posts to make up for it! As for Facebook, I wanted to take a break from it and go back to it after a couple of weeks. That was 7 years ago and I never went back!… I love Instagram too for (again) cute cat pictures, yoga and art.

      1. Yes, and in my case, I had many people just saying ‘If you don’t think like I do, unfollow me’ and be all dramatic. I’m actively avoiding drama at all costs! With Reddit, the pool of people one interacts with is much bigger than on FB.

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