My biggest bargain EVER – Efva Attling Mother Earth silver pendant

I love scratching around at flea markets and (formerly*) at charity shops for tarnished silver bargains. Silver doesn’t look good when very tarnished, and so it often ends up in boxes of junk jewellery. A quick bath in silver dip and a rub or two with a polishing cloth brings out the original beauty. *it’s harder to find bargains at charity shops these days, and they tend to overprice items – some of them at more than the original item cost.

This past weekend I found a little dark grey ball lying forlornly at the edge of a sales table at a flea market – for $2.

I snatched it up immediately, because I recognised what it was – a $350 silver Efva Attling Mother Earth pendant with original chain. I used to go to the Efva Attling shop at look at these pendants, but they were priced out of my range.

As soon as I came home I gave it a good cleaning. The engraving is still as sharp as on the new ones.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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