Lauren Ralph Lauren leather terrier clutch

I have two handbags by Lauren Ralph Lauren (Lauren’s diffusion line) – a Newbury Double Zip Shopper, and this large tote, both bought on deep discount. The tote has held up pretty well because I really sling things into it.

Recently though, I am getting more use out of this black leather clutch LRL clutch bag. During the pandemic, I got out of the habit of carrying a bag when I was going out for a short time. I would slip my phone (which carries my credit cards), a back of tissues and my keys into my jacket pocket. After all, I only went out for walks or to do grocery shopping. Lately I have been using this clutch. It holds my small essentials, and now that I am going back to work I can slip it into my bigger, heavier work bag (usually a Longchamp Les Pliage tote, and take it with me if I am going out for lunch, to a dinner, hairdresser etc. Sweden lifted all its restrictions on February 9th, so things are opening up now. I do find it strange to be carrying heavy bags again and am resisting lugging everything everywhere when sometimes I need only the very basics.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. This is my great dilemma of the moment… I also teach languages and I’m also back in the classroom. I’m trying to find the perfect set up but it’s almost impossible. I thought I had it by carrying a backpack (Kanken) and using it as a(n almost empty) handbag and using it to carry some groceries or a book or two and it was going really well. Then yesterday, we went to the museum and I found myself having to lock my backpack/handbag away and wandering the museum without carrying anything on my back or in my arms. I was thinking about using a pouch too but I was wondering if it was still convenient to carry around if you go on errands and if it doesn’t get in the way. But I have to say that the pouch you showed is really cute! I might have to consider this option!…

    1. I like the little pouch as it does not have long shoulder straps which always cause tangles if you keep it in a bigger bag. I just put it under my arm or hold it in my hand when I only need phone/wallet/tissues/wipes/aspirin/keys. And then when I have my shopping bags or my big bag back, I just pop it inside again. This clutch does have two loops that I could add a thin strap if I wanted, but so far it has worked well as it is.

      1. This is really good. I can understand that a long shoulder strap might get tangled so it’s good that there is the option to have one or to not have one. I have spent my day yesterday looking into all my handbags and doing plenty of research. Your post really inspired me, so thank you!

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