Longchamp Le Pliage nylon bags


I have two Longchamp Le Pliage bags – a mid-blue Large with short handles and a black Large with long handles.

These are lovely bags. Light, hardwearing, good leather, has brand snob-value without the huge price, and they look very understated and clean. They go on sale fairly often – mostly the seasonal colours and collaborations, but usually you can find a few classics hidden among those on the sale table as well. Airports also always seem to have special editions and sales.

For travelling there is nothing better. You can pop one or two into your luggage (they are light and don’t take up any space when folded) and use them for day trips or to carry excess purchases home with you. You can also use them as beach bags, weekenders or carry-on luggage without worrying about damaging them. They tough and water-resistant and, for a ‘designer’ handbag, the price is very good, particularly if you find them on sale.

Until about two years ago, I had never been able to use them as handbags. I need a more structured bag with proper internal or external pockets – these just have one small slip pocket inside on the older models and two in the newer ones. Everything tends to fall into a heap at the bottom.

A couple of summers ago, however, I started using one as a bag in my free time. It worked so well I tend to go through periods of using them intensively for work as well. I still do have the problem of organisation inside but that is outweighed by the fact that it is so light and takes a beating while still looking professional.

I have been using my black one for work for a while now because it is lighter and fares better in the constant rain we have been having than my leather ones.

This is my mid-blue Large with short handles
To the right is a purple weekender with long handles. I sold this one to one of my readers so it went to a really good home.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’m curious where the last image is from? I’m liking the stuff in it for some reason and am fascinated by the French textbook heh.

  2. Get you a handbag organizer for it. I have one that I use in my Le Pliage and it works great! There are is a variety of organziers but, the one I use is made by Samorga.

  3. I have been using them for as long as I can remember. I got my first one when I was a student and I am now in my 50s! I must have had them in all sizes and colours and I even have 3 in leather. They are my travel bags (I fly three times a week), I carry my work stuff in them, my make-up in the mini ones etc. I even have a pencil case and a purse in that collection. They are light, durable and very cheap here. All my girl students have them and change colours according to their clothes. Their only downside is that they tend to wear quickly on the corners but for that price I can afford to replace then after about six months.

  4. I’m not keen on the new version with leather the same colour as the nylon bag. . I like the contrast with the brown leather and the nylon. The only problem with wear and tear on the corners are that they can show the lining especially if there white inside . That’s what happened to my khaki one. I’ve been tempted to buy a short handled one recently but I’m holding off for something big 😊

    1. I use my shorter-handled one in summer when I can get it over my shoulder. In winter there is no chance because my jacket is too big. I agree totally about the leather colour. I was recently tempted by a blue and red one but I didn’t like the coloured handles. I have never used one intensively enough for the corners to wear badly but I have heard it is one of the disadvantages.

  5. I love my Longchamp bags and was able to buy one in Paris this year! Oh la la ! The leather is divine. But for practicality I use the backpack version.
    Also for the larger bags you could use a LV felted insert to keep things organized without lumping in the bottom.

    Note to your readers :
    Be very careful if you decide to buy one on EBay. I’ve seen them listed at crazy prices for a Longchamps ( notice the added s) bags made in China. I hate to be a snob but I want the real thing!

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