Bookmarks or dogears?

If I have borrowed a book, I always use whatever I have at hand as a bookmark – usually a business card or a receipt – and I try to be as careful as possible with the pages and covers.

If it is my own book, however, I do dog-ear. I am not sure why because I always donate my books and I know other people don’t like it, but I like my favourite books to have battered spines and dogears – it shows that they are loved and used and appreciated.

What do you do?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Ashamed to admit, but often my bookmark is a piece of toilet paper 🙈 Yes, I read while in toilet. Working mom has to take an opportunity when there’s one. I also dogear, but not unless I really don’t have anything else to use.

  2. During my teaching days a class project was making bookmarks. I bought a package of self-sticking laminate pages and told the students to make designs to go between the laminate sheets. Then one suggested we use scenes from magazines which evolved into cut-to-size photos. Pretty soon we had requests from other classes, and that Christmas many parents got custom made family photo book marks. That was almost 30 years ago and I still will find one tumbling from a book taken from my shelf.
    I never dog-ear a page and use expired Metro cards, business cards and many too varied to list here. I do try to write on many of them like where it was obtained and under what circumstance; maybe a great dinner or a wonderful trip. The memories come drifting back which is kind of nice.
    I guess it’s obvious that I like bookmarks.

  3. I use bookmarks in large books – both flat and “over corner” ones, while for smaller books I have plastic covers whose right side folds in to mark the place.

  4. You turn the corner of the page over … for shame 😟
    I use a piece of plain paper; if I come across an interesting passage in the book I make a note of the page number and then, when I’ve finished the book, I go back and look at those passages again. If I think that they’re really interesting I copy them into my commonplace book. I’ve been doing this for over twenty years – I’m up to 661 entries 😃

    1. I knew you from your commonplace book even before I found you on Facebook. I love it! Is it still the same one or do you have new ones now? Yes I am ashamed to admit, I dogear!

  5. I’m forever losing bookmarks! I’m sure my library and the charity shops I donate to have a huge selection of my bookmarks stashed away so now I always fold the corner of the page over! Xx

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