I read this article and found some of the facts totally fascinating. In addition, I learned about some new phobias. My favourites are below, but if you click on the link above you can see all 45.

18 stories tall, with over 2,200 units. It has over 50 floors within the 18 stories, and it houses 10,000 people.
That’s a standard-sized school bus! The CAT 797 can carry up to 400 tons of materials and is 24 feet tall when empty but can rise to 51 feet when in use. It weighs 1,375,000 pounds.The tires alone are over 13 feet tall and weigh 11,000 pounds.
King Alfred’s Tower is located on Kingsettle Hill in Somerset, England. Built in 1772, it’s 161 feet tall.
These are chains for the anchors of large ships. The anchors weigh 30,000 pounds, while each individual link of these chains alone weighs 136 pounds.
This is the Katy Freeway located in Houston, Texas, and is a whopping 26-40 lanes wide. It runs along Interstate 10, and over 219,000 vehicles traverse it daily.
this is The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel, and it’s an underground water facility. In fact, it’s the largest one globally and keeps Japan from flooding during heavy rains. It’s located 164 feet underground and is just over 4 miles long.


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