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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. The nickname for plimsolls was “plimmies” in my day and they were definitely for exercise. We wore them for pretty much all sports, indoors and outdoors, except hockey, for which we had proper hockey boots. Plimsolls were either elasticated or lace-up but the elasticated ones were for little children. They were usually black, but we wore white plimmies for tennis and those had to be whitened with a thick liquid whitener that came with a wide sponge tip.

  2. Plimsoll is a definite blast from the past! I’d probably call your splendid purple shoes plimsolls on the grounds they’re not trainers (you wouldn’t exercise in them, I assume!) Sneakers is rarely heard in the UK. I’d call the Converse footwear baseball boots. When I think of plimsolls, I do tend to think of the pull-on things with the elastic insert that we wore at school for PE. They also got called daps, although that may be regional.

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