Pill boxes

I take tablets every day:

  • against high blood pressure
  • a statin against high cholesterol
  • magnesium
  • multivitamin

I have a 1 month box that I decant every 30 days, on a Sunday. I only take pills once a day so this is perfect for me. If you take pills three times a day, this box will last you one week. A pill box like this really helps me remember if I have taken my pills each day. I am not good about taking them at the same time each day, but I almost never accidentally miss a day, thanks to this box. If I travel for longer periods, I have two smaller boxes that I usually take with me. I don’t need to take pills during the day so I never carry a pillbox with me unless I am travelling.

I have a 3-day box that I bought in Paris many years ago, which I use for weekends away. But I have never had a 7-day box. I fell in love with the one on the right a while ago because it was so pretty. It has a mirror inside it and each little compartment is numbered. Pillboxes for more than a day or two are generally not attractive, but I love this one!

There are plenty of vintage pillboxes around, but I prefer to see and feel pillboxes in person because they need to be hygienic and seal tightly and not all of them do.

This one – available on Amazon – has interested me for a while. What do you think?






Here are some other interesting ones:


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  1. My mother uses the blue one from Amazon for the dog’s thyroid medicine for the last 3 years and it has held up well to daily use.

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