One of my favourite rings

This ring is one of my favourites. My wedding and engagement rings are by Schalins, a Swedish brand. They are produced to order, so the rings you look at in the stores and in the display windows are fake display models.

You try on the display model, customise the design if you wish, and you get your order within a month. No muss no fuss.

About two years ago we went to a flea market out in the countryside on the bike. This flea market was full of tat (cheap plastic toys, bright shiny ornaments) but on one of the tables was a full set of Schalins fake display rings, for $1 each. I found a couple I liked but figured they would be of terrible quality and fall apart after a few wears, so I only bought one.

Well, it is still going after almost two years of constant wear. It is so hard to photograph but the sparkle is incredible and it has not lost colour at all. I guess their display dummies have to be quite good to be able to sell their rings. This ring in gold and with a real diamond is $6800. I would not be able to afford a real one but even if I could, I am not good with pronged rings. I use my hands too much.

Some diamond simulants look better than others so I am really curious what kind of stones they use in these display rings. It really has not lost its sparkle at all. In my experience, white sapphires and cubic zirconia go dull very quickly. I think a good moissanite is often a better option. It throws a nice rainbow if that is your thing.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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