Engagement and wedding rings I love

Engagement and wedding rings are strange things. You put them on and, for most people, you wear them day in and day out for the rest of your life. Which could be 70 years or more.

Some people would like their partner to choose the ring as a surprise. Others would like to choose it together, or by themselves. You wonder if it is harder to spend years trying to find the right ring, or to be put on the spot in a jewellery shop where you have to choose right away.

Tastes change over the years, as does weight and your role. A ring that suited you when you were young and carefree may not suit you when you have three small children under 6 years old, or a hobby as a keen gardener or hockey player.

Some people don’t like wearing rings. Others, like me, love wearing rings but get bored. Some people wear their rings 24/7. Others take them off at night, when doing housework etc.

For me, I love rings but tend to get bored quickly. I also use my hands a lot so I need rings that don’t stick up or have prongs that can catch on sweaters or things in my bag.

When I get bored of my set, I wear something else for a week or two, and then go back to it. I am not superstitious though, but I know some people are.

This is my set from my first marriage:

And this is the set from my recent marriage. I chose them both. The plain band is my engagement ring and the diamond one is my wedding ring, as per Swedish custom.

I have a third band with a heart on it that I can wear to ring the changes, but I don’t.

I have thought about it a lot and below are the types of rings I would choose as wedding and engagement rings. I would not have thought many of them would be to my taste but I love all of these.

Swedish hövdingaring
I would wear this as a wedding and engagement ring in one
Marc Jacobs rattle ring
Ole Lynggaard Love ring
Spessartine garnet

I love love love the pink one

I wouldn’t wear the top one but the matching bands and solitaire just below it are gorgeous!

This is an antique posy ring, worn by Charlise Theron as her engagement ring some years ago

The one at the top

Georg Jensen Fusion ring

And, these are not quite my style, but something about them caught my eye and made me look twice

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