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  1. Weird things that make you as happy as an adult

    Getting the crust of the loaf… nice and thick to toast and add jam!!

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  2. I’m not sure about “The older you get, the uglier you’re willing to go out in public” thing. Style is not a matter of age. It all depends on how you consider it. If you’ve been brought up with the notion that style is not only a question of fashion but mostly a way to respect yourself and others around then you make sure that you wear the appropriate outfit in any occasion and respect the rules. For instance you never wear boots when invited to someone’s (especially after 6pm), avoid some jackets (straight or crossed) in certain occasions, what type of scarf (long or square and how to knot it properly) should be worn in what occasion, same for jewellery, bags, accessories etc.
    I’m not alluding to the fact of wearing sleepers to go outdoors or a tracksuit when not practicing sports. These sorts of faux pas are just unacceptable. Its all a question of education, not age, and it tell a lot about the people.

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  3. “The older you get, the uglier you’re willing to go out in public.”

    NOT true, because I’ve seen some young’uns dressed like this, and they think they look hip and fashionable. Also, I’ve seen some in the wild wearing pajama pants AND sometime slippers (in public, if I didn’t make myself clear).

    So, ugliness is not limited to one age group – it can cross generations.

    Lastly, both cats are cute, but the last cat is SO cute I just want to S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E him so bad.

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