Crisis preparedness for pets

A year or so ago, each household in Sweden received a book detailing what to do in the event of crisis or war.

What they did not detail though was how to take care of pets during a crisis. I know that in many cases pets are left behind because of logistic difficulties, but I would have to be on the brink of death to even consider that. I cannot conceive of leaving my animals to possible or certain death, alone and afraid.  I am not naive enough to think that it is always possible to take pets with you, but I would consider every single other eventuality first. And because there is often no time in an emergency to debate or ponder, I have started doing it already. My little cat emergency package is all ready to go, if we need it. I have made mutual arrangements with friends and family in other areas of the city to help each other if we can.

I found this graphic is really useful when preparing my little store.

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