On Sweden’s national Day today I say – Sweden, THIS is why I love you


Blaise Pascal said ‘Love Has Reasons That Reason Knows Not’ and ‘The Heart Has Reasons That Reasons Cannot Know’. Very wise words.

I love Sweden. Sure, I really like that the systems work, that the people are mostly honest and non-corrupt, that they have social conscience and corporate responsibility. I like the social systems and the democracy.

But it’s the quirks that have made me fall in love with it – really fall head over heels.

I should mention though that I never wanted to move to Sweden. It was not love at first sight. It was not even like at first sight. I have been here 20 years and it went from hate to love-hate to love to love-love! Like the best love affairs 🙂

Long-haired soldiers wear hairnets
Long-haired soldiers wear hairnets – this article is from 1971 – click for reading quality
Anonymous Notes In The Laundry Room
Anonymous notes in the laundry room (although the Swedish version would not mention who they are and where they live)
This Member of the European Parliament has a Drag Queen Alter Ego Who is Blamed for Any Transgressions Like Accepting Free Trips. He also knits in the chamber
This Member of Parliament has a drag queen alter ego who is blamed for any transgressions like accepting free trips. He also knits in the chamber.
There is dog daycare
There is a sour dough hotel which looks after your dough for you when you go away.
The bottle stores are all state owned and their advertising encourages you NOT to drink.
The Trade Union Ruled That Our Post Would Not Be Delivered Because Our Cat Lay In Wait For The Postman
The trade union ruled that our post would not be delivered because our cat lay in wait for the postman
There Are Hotels For Your Spare Set of Tyres
There are hotels for your spare set of tyres
You Drive On An Ice Rink To Pass Your Driver's Licence Test.
You drive on an ice rink to pass your driver’s licence test.
You Take A Queue Number Before You Queue. You Sometimes Queue to Find Out Which Queue To Stand In
You take a queue number before you queue. you sometimes queue to find out which queue to stand in
You Can Call Everyone By Their First Name
You can call everyone by their first name
If you are nervous on your way home you can ring a special number and the police will stay on the line with you until you get home. The police also take care of injured and lost animals.
The word for married is the same as the word for poison

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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