Travel mementoes – what do you use?

When my mother was alive, she used to buy a commemorative teaspoon from each place she visited. When other people went travelling, they brought her commemorative teaspoons back as gifts. I am not sure if those kinds of teaspoons are still a ‘thing’ but she loved them and had a huge collection when she died. She had a special box in which she kept them.

I, on the other hand, used to collect little charms from each place I visited. They went onto a heavy sterling silver bracelet. I have not done it in recent years, though people sometimes give me Nomination charms commemorating trips I have made.

I have never liked most of the typical touristy trinkets because they end up as dust collectors, though I do use the fridge magnets.

I saw these with interest. Do you think they have charm (pardon the pun) as commemorations of trips and travels?

They are from a site called Traveller Collective and you can build sets of rings from each place you visit. I must say that, as someone who likes to read rather than watch videos, it was pretty difficult to find what the whole thing is about in text. It looks like they have projects to help impoverished area but it was not specifically stated anywhere in text, and the video was pretty vague about how they actually help. As my readers know, I am not normally critical about websites but I really wanted to find out more from this site than I actually did.

I am not sure that simple disks would have enough individuality and character to collect, although I can see how a growing number of them that you could flip through and be reminded of your trips would feel fulfilling. I like the idea of a keyring because you always have that with you.

Author: Janet Carr

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