I think the world is looking on in bemusement at the Brexit process and wondering what on earth is happening in the UK.

I have seen a couple of things that made me smile over the past few days, though Brits may not feel quite the same.

The first one is a concert by the Swedish Church, which was obviously planned quite a while ago…a bye bye Britain Brexit concert

Then there was this horror on television (thank you Sharon W for the giggle)

And then Twitter delivered these two


I work in politics and it seems to be increasingly difficult to get decisions through all over Europe. Sweden had a general election in September but was unable to form a government until late January, despite repeated attempts. Only the looming possibility of an extra general election – in which only the far right would come out ahead – forced the issue and led to a coalition government There have been difficulties forming governments in Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands recently as well – mostly due to the rise of the far right and the increasing number of smaller parties in national parliaments.

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  1. My own thought this morning on this on-going shambles:

    We were told everybody knows the EU negotiates ‘up to the wire’.

    Well, the UK seems to have gone over the wire into no man’s land and found itself in a minefield with signs in a language they couldn’t be bothered to learn.

    And so they don’t know where to put their next step!

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