Peter Pauper Voyager Notebooks

I saw these Peter Pauper traveler’s notebooks at a local bookshop. They are really nice because they come all set up with three notebooks (lined, dot-grid and blank in super paper) a Kraft folder and a really nice plastic folder (zipper one one side, two pockets on the other).

I found them on local sites all over the world – anywhere that sells Peter Pauper I guess – and also on eBay and Amazon. So if you want to try one, they will be easy enough to find. I did not actually measure them but the inserts look to be ‘Midori’ regular size.

I have had Peter Pauper journals in the past and they are very nice quality. I actually prefer them to Paperblanks.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I saw these in my bookshop yesterday, and fell in love straight away. For years I have been using Leuchthurm bulletjournals next to making my own journals to fit my needs. Travel journals are new to me, so I decided to first read about them a bit. Now Im soooo excited to later today go get one, haha. They seem to be a perfect match for me! Im planning to make my own inserts, which would make them PERFECT, I think.
    What Ive read its a bit smaller thanks normaal, so the inserts are half an inch shorter than the ones from Midori, so unfortunally they wont fit in these.

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