Filofax Soft Domino personal size in Duck Egg Mint

A number of months ago, one of my students bought a Filofax Soft Domino personal size in Duck Egg Mint. She was looking for something simple and not too expensive. I really loved how it looked and felt.

She has been using it for more than six months now and loves it just as much as she did on day one. It has not shown any wear at all. The design and colours of this binder are really pretty and the price is very good.

This week I was buying 2019 refills for my binder when I saw that the 2018 soft Dominos were on sale and that you could choose a free 2019 refill of your choice when you bought one. So I took a page a day calendar and the Domino. I am so glad I did. As always, a different binder inspires me to use my planner, to write things in it. I use them so heavily for bookings and lists, that if I stop scheduling things go wrong. All my other binders are in storage so it was nice to be able to switch things up for almost the price of a calendar refill.

The colour is a gorgeous minty turquoise – more of a spring/summer colour but very very welcome in the dark Swedish winter where everything is black and grey.

This model has fewer pockets than I usually like, and no zipper, but I found I did not actually need them. I just used plastic inserts instead. I use my usual insert set up of

  • week on two pages vertical for my bookings
  • week on two pages for my daily to dos (for 2019 I will be using a page a day calendar for my daily to dos)
  • notes for lists

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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