The big news!

Well, I promised an update on my big news recently but I was waiting until I received it first!

No, it’s not that I got engaged 🙂 Well, I do have a fiancé but that happened a while ago. This news is that Diamond (isn’t that a great name?) from LeCow on Etsy had a competition to name his new leather. He wanted something fire-related.

I suggested Flame and Blaze, which both got to the finals!

And then, Flame won! I almost never win anything – though to be fair I seldom enter competitions – so I was thrilled.

So I am going to be getting a Flame Field Notes TN with navy blue stitching. Thank you Diamond!

Diamond also has some unusual traveler’s notebook designs, and he offers a huge variety of buttons if you prefer a different closure from the normal elastic. You can also add different pocket constellations to your basic notebook cover, and choose your leather and stitching/elastic colour.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. sincerest congratulations janet. well done on everything you set your mind to. where in the world are you these days. love to see you again someday soon.! Anne M Gieg (Edwards). It has been many a long year since we have seen each other. Keep in touch. I love the binders – all of them.

  2. Congratulations Janet on the naming!! Fastastic! Oh and Congratulations on the engagement! When did that happen?!!! Slipped that one right past us didn’t you?!!

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