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  1. I totally agree, but this was said by one of the boys trapped in the cage when they were found. He was so happy and so proud to be able to communicate with the British rescue divers who first found them.

  2. No one should need English to survive:(
    I pray they all get out safely.
    I pray our President gets impeached.
    I pray we have peace yet again.
    I love my neighbors.

    1. You dont get it, do you? IT is not all about Your country fugu !! English is not belong to Your Country…even the divers who rescued the kids probably Not from Your Country. You need to get out from your cacoon. Yes, agree …English might not needed to survive, but it is was a blessing for these boy at this situation, to be able to answer in English and Know someone is coming for them and they are able to communicate. It reduce a lot of stress and build bridge.

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