My mother’s beauty routine

My mother used to use cake mascara. You were supposed to put a little water on the brush, dab it in the mascara and then put it on your eyes, but often people used to be sneaky and use spit instead (ewww). I was allowed to wear makeup from when I was 15 and my first mascara was a wand mascara, but my mother continued to use the cake one. I heard later that some makeup artists carrying on using the cake version as you could get lovely lashes that way if you used it properly.

The brush version is still going so it must work very well!

My mother would never ever be seen without her ‘face’ on, but I wear very little makeup during the week for work, and none during holidays and weekends, unless there is a special occasion.

My mother always used to wash and set her hair once a week and then sleep with panties on her head to keep her ‘do’ going. Of course she used lots of hairspray to keep it helmet-like. My granny, on the other hand, used to have a blue rinse in addition to her wash and set.


My mother’s lipstick used to look like this. For some reason it was always much messier in the tube than twist up lipsticks.

I on, the other hand, used to use these:

To take care of her face and body my mother used

Nowadays we have so many different products and innovations that did not exist then. First and foremost would be sunscreen but there are also CC creams, BB creams, AHAs, Botox, fillers, tattooed makeup. I think though that people look so much nicer without too much makeup, false eyelashes and fillers.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I love cake mascara. I only use it when I want to have dramatic eyelashes on special occasions but it’s a such a great product to use. On everyday basis I use Diorshow mascara and a really thin line of Bobbi Brown eyeliner.

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