More detailed look at Filofax Classic Mash Up binders (plus Rose Classic!)

I have loved Filofax Classic Mash Up binders since they came out. As there were only 25 made of each of the two colour ways, they are extremely hard to find. Apparently the pre-production models proved to be so expensive that the Classic Mash Up model was never put into full production.

I have had the multi-coloured version for a while, but the pink-red colour way proved more difficult to find. Thanks to blog readers and members of the community though, I now have the set. I am thrilled!

I always tell people that if you are an active member of a community you can always find rarities for a decent price if you are patient. If you participate by answering on threads, chatting with people and helping them if you can, they get to know you and return the favor. They keep their eyes out for things they know you want and they help you buy from countries that would otherwise be closed to you. These two binders are proof of that.

After my blog post yesterday I received requests for more photos, so here you go!

And here are two more of my Filofax Classic rarities – the Rose Classic in personal and pocket size.


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