Filofax spotted in the wild


This pocket-sized red patent Filofax belongs to one of my students. She has been using it for about a year now and finds it extremely useful. I love pocket size because it is not too big, not too small, and many Filofax binders in these size have full length wallet pockets, even if the larger sizes do not.

Liselotte loves the accessories you can get from Filofax, like Post Its. Here she is showing me her fold-out year calendar and how useful it is. You can see she uses the Post-Its to be able to quickly find and flip to something.


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  1. I am going back to Filofax and this thanks to you. I ditched them completely when I discovered TNs but one article you wrote many moons ago made me go back to them. I tend to hoard quite a lot but in this particular post, you mentioned that you used a Filofax for planning and for things you didn’t really need to keep a record of. I took a leaf out of your book (literally) and went back to my Filofax and started using it. I’m using the same yearly planning insert as your student and it’s really convenient. I do a bit of bullet journaling when my days are getting a bit too full. Thank you again for all the tips you share!

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    • It’s a pleasure and I am glad to have been of help! Yes, what I like about ring binders is that you can throw away things that are no longer relevant and still keep whatever you need. I use TNs and bound books for things I need to keep.


  2. What a pretty Filo.

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