Ziggy chasing snowflakes


He’s developing a personality now. Whereas Paddy was regal and dignified, and Fluffy is fat and lazy and extremely affectionate, Ziggy is the busiest cat I have ever had. He is always in or on something – scratching, exploring, climbing. He is so gentle though – never had a cat this sweet and gentle with people. He loves people, loves being carried and loves sleeping next to me, though the rest of the time he is like a whirlwind, turning everything in my house upside down.

And they are lucky to be inside, though it is positively balmy in Stockholm compared to the -41°C in the north of Sweden at the moment!



If you look between the buildings out my window, the trees are on the shore of Lake Mälaren, the third biggest lake in Sweden, 1,140 km², about 64 m deep and 120 kilometers from east to west. In the winter I can see skaters and icebreakers going past my windows. There is a boat stop just to the left of that redbrick block of flats so I can catch a boat to work.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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