Gilmore Girls Revival: A Year in the Life *contains spoilers*


I loved Gilmore Girls when it first came out. I watched it religiously every Sunday, and watched reruns whenever I could. So when all seven seasons appeared on Netflix Sweden in July, I binge-watched the entire thing. And I was so disappointed because I found the whole thing extremely irritating in large doses. In hindsight, because the characters are so out there, it was probably a bad idea to watch it all at once. Four hours a day of Kirk would be too much for anyone!

Despite that, I waited in gleeful anticipation for the Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, released on Netflix yesterday. It consists of four movie-length episodes, each depicting one season.

I watched two on Friday night and two last night and thoroughly enjoyed them. There was a niggle or two (mainly being Rory’s behaviour and some glaring continuity errors) but overall my only thought when it came to an end was just the same as during last episode of the series – it can’t be over. I want more!

Some thoughts that came to mind as I watched – note, contains spoilers so don’t read further if you don’t want to know any details!!!. I will try to keep it as general as possible so as not to give too much away.

  • some characters didn’t age at all (Gypsy, Taylor, Babette, Mrs Kim, Lane, Paris, Gil) and yet were not obviously facelifted to oblivion.
  • others looked quite different (Kirk, Zach, Jason, Miss Patty)
  • there’s Mr Kim!
  • too much Stars Hollow Musical and Life and Death parade
  • what happened to Sookie’s voice?
  • Sookie is not very Sookie-ish anymore!
  • why have a Tristan-alike when it was a different actor and it was just for a moment?
  • Richard left a huge hole behind him (RIP Edward Herrmann) that permeated the entire show
  • what was with the strange awkwardness between Lorelai and Rory in the first scene of Winter? And the lack of chemistry between her and Luke and her and Sookie?
  • Emily kept a maid for over a year? And has embraced a whole new family (my favourite part of the series)
  • there’s swearing. Of course it’s allowed as it is Netflix and Emily sure made use of that which I loved.
  • Jess has really bulked up!
  • Love that Emily has a new family to love and look after her!
  • what happened to Luke’s hair during his and Lorelai’s big moment? Was that a wig?
  • Kirk did good in ‘Fall’. Probably the only thing he did brilliantly and purely for love during the entire show.
  • Emily tucked a maid into bed and brought her soup?
  • did Michel have a nose job? He looked same same but different?
  • Rory, at 32 is older than Lorelai was when the show started. When Rory turned 16, Lorelai was 32. Wow!
  • Luke and Paul Anka: what a man!
  • the last four words, while a total shock, made perfect sense in hindsight. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show creator, had had those last four words in her head right throughout the show so they informed all her work. And they were a perfect ending. Full circle, as is repeated so many times during these 6 hours.

Of all the characters in the revival I loved Emily the most. She really changed and grew and ended up in a different life, something that you would not think she was capable of. She was funny, sexy, rocked faded jeans and a Candies t shirt, and showed that life’s journeys don’t end when you are older. While Rory, who had always had all the potential and all the drive, lost her way. I liked that Lorelai and Emily had completed their journey and were in a good place, but I hated that it ended just when Rory’s new journey was beginning.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. OMG I so agree with everything? What with Luke’s hair during that moment? What with Sookie’s voice?? and there’s Mr Kim, yes!!
    I did enjoy the whole thing. But did cry through the whole last movie.

  2. Our neighbors hosted a “Gilmore Girls ” night and we all enjoyed watching “Winter” together . We all agreed that after waiting 10 years it was good to see all of our favorite characters again. Consensus was that Lorelei had lost some of her spunk and energy and had blooded a bit.
    My husband and I binge watched the last three and decided that we lioved “Winter” and “Fall” but not so much the other two. We decided that it had to do with the writing . “Winter and Fall” were written by Any and “Spring and Summer” were written by her husband.

    At any rate we lioved how it ended and would love to see what happens to Rory and child.

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