The best trade EVER!

I wrote a while back about Noodler’s Stockholm Indigo ink. It was a limited edition ink that was really special and made exclusively for NK in Stockholm.



A couple of months ago a blog reader from Norway wrote to me and asked if knew how he could get hold of some. I said he could have my two bottles – never used.

Instead of payment I said he could send me a notebook from Norway as a trade. I expected something like a school exercise book.

Today I got the parcel and look at all the goodies!!!!

  • a really really cool t shirt
  • two fantastic pens (look at those patterns!)
  • a Minion notebook (I love Minions!)
  • a lovely card handwritten in Thomas’ new favourite ink – Stockholm Indigo!
  • and……and…..and….

The most beautiful Timberland notebook, still all sealed. The leather is thick and rugged like Timberland boots, the pen loop is ingenious and the paper is absolutely divine. Thin and cottony cream. Plus it smells so…leathery! I love it!









I also managed to source ten more bottles of Stockholm Indigo for Thomas, which is now winging its way to Norway.

I have the best blog readers, and my blog has brought me so many new and wonderful friends. Thank you Thomas!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. You’re a lucky lady! I love all things timberland and have just bought a couple of timberland organisers.

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