Pyrograph TNs by Lorenzo Dini Firenze on Etsy


These covers are created by pyrography (burning a decoration on the surface of leather or wood). I really love the pop of colour in the ones with animals on them. And the gold text is beautiful!

These come from this Etsy shop, Lorenzo Dini Firenze, based in Florence, Italy – the home of good leather!

There are different sizes available (from Passport to A5), and you can choose 2, 4, or 6 interior elastics.

There are discount codes available and each book comes with a pouch in which to carry it.









This is the back of the cat one above.

This is the back of the cat one above.







Categories: Midori and other Traveler's Notebooks

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  1. Not sure if anyone has the stitch one but I would love to purchase?

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  2. I ordered the map one and it came today – three or four days from Italy, which is pretty good. And it’s a gorgeous cover, which comes with a little bag.


  3. these are so beautiful!!! i especially like the one with the japanese girl and the one with Ariël. do you know for the colors which medium he uses and if he just adds the color on the leather or does he have to do something to the leather before coloring?
    and would you also happen to know what is the minimum thickness off leather you need to be able to do this?
    xxx jolien

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  4. Beautiful artwork! It’s hard not to fall in love with these TNs! 🙂

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  1. Lorenzo Dini Firenze Cat TN covers – it’s love! – Janet Carr @

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