Always working!


Taken on the Stockholm underground on my way to work yesterday morning.

This is the second of my two vertical week on two pages calendars and is kept behind the one that holds my schedule. It has all my daily to dos in it. Once a week is over, I throw the page away.

Once a month close to or at the weekend I catch up with all the little chores

  • replace toothbrush heads
  • replace Clarisonic brush head
  • refill my supplies of toilet paper, kitchen towel, cleaning materials, toothpaste, cat sand, freezer bags, cat food
  • sharpen all my makeup pencils
  • sharpen all my 2mm leads
  • decant things from big bottles into smaller ones
  • refill my makeup bag (handwipes, aspirin, hair ties, glasses cleaners, cotton buds)
  • refill my vitamin dispensers
  • refill any medical prescriptions I need (I can do this online)
  • over the weekend I also try to use up any almost-empty body lotions, shampoos, etc so I can get rid of the bottles.

It’s not something I enjoy doing it but it is awful when I am really busy to be running out of things every second day and having to make special trips to sort it out.

So yesterday I had this page open so I could remind myself of what I needed to buy on the way home from work.


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  1. Such a beautiful red color!

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