Can you remember?


My favourite top


My mother used to hate the sound these made!


My uncle was a chiropodist and gave me a pair of these. They were supposed to be good for your feet but oh my word they were uncomfortable.


Trolls – mine were bigger but I loved them!


You always travelled with one!


I loved wearing these when I was little. I felt so grown up…


Oh the big day of getting your first bra. It was not nice being the first or last to need one but for those in the middle it was a big moment.


I didn’t have many slides – Bible stories, seven wonders of the world and a story.


Galooks? Glooks?


I thought these were wonderful. Could never figure out how they worked. I wonder if kids today would be just as fascinated?


Bouncing balls!


These I loved! Some of them had letters or sentences but the number ones were my favourite. The predecessor to Rubik’s Cube?


They still make these actually – someone sent me one not so long ago!


My mother had a couple of these and I was fascinated by them.



If you lost one of the lead sections you were screwed!

scripto group

My father used these


Label maker!

I can still remember how these felt

I can still remember how these felt


Typewriter eraser


Pick Up Sticks!


In South Africa these used to come free with Raadsaal coffee. I had a huge collection, which means we must have drunk huge amounts of caffeine!


Roller skates

Roller skates

On your doorstep each morning

On your doorstep each morning

Push the bottom and the legs and head buckle

Push the bottom and the legs and head buckle


Silly putty!

I used to rub this all over myself and lie in the sun for hours and hours

I used to rub this all over myself and lie in the sun for hours and hours

And when you got mouth ulcers, scrapes, temperatures, itches etc






il_fullxfull.291285303 Mercurochrome-300x268

Every Friday night...

Every Friday night…







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  1. Spirograph was excellent still is! Still available too! One of the few toys of the 1960’s I still remember so well. That and an Etcha-Sketch

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  2. WOW!! Does this bring back the memories!! I loved the click clack balls, can’t tell you how many times I caught my fingers between the balls or whacked myself in the head with them.

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  3. Oh, what a wonderful walk down memory lane, I can remember having almost all of them around the house. I have a picture of me and my friend with our “Glooks”? And still today, we play ‘pick-up sticks’. Today I use Johnson’s baby oil as a nightly eye make-up remover. How scared we were as kids when the parent wanted to apply the Mercurochrome to our scraped knees, because it stung like hell. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. THANK YOU Janet! You toik me back to memory lane and it is with nostalgia that l went through all the photos.

    Many of those items still exist but it is sad that others have disappeared. They remind me of my childhood and l feel like checki g in the boxes my parents keep in the garage. They have kept most of my toys (apart from the dolls and board games) and some of my favourite items.

    Again, thank you, Janet!

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  5. Holy cow! Talk about a trip in the Way-Back Machine!! I had most of these–adored my Spirograph, and labeled everything in the house with my label gun. I went through gallons of Calamine when I had what my doctor term “one of the worst cases of chicken pox I’d ever seen”–how much fun was THAT?? Couldn’t get enough of the View-Master discs. The Scholl’s sandals are still around and, for me, they were great at toning my calves, but the prices are obscene now. Never had Syrup of Figs, but I loved figs as a child and didn’t need any extra “help”. The top was great fun. I was continually frustrated by the number slider–give me a foreign language as a child and I could do anything, but I turned catatonic when faced with anything spatial or numbered (still do!). We never had dairy delivery, but there was always Mercurochrome, baby oil, and iodine in the house. Once in a while, one of us kids could sneak in some Silly Putty (mom hated that stuff) and print some comic pages out of the Sunday paper, and I remember one of us had those “clack” balls on the string. Thanks for the smiles, and the trip down Memory Lane, Janet!


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