Galen Leather A5 and Regular Size covers with notebooks

One of the big tests of TN covers is what they look like and how they cope when they are filled with notebooks. If the elastics are too loose the books will fall forward. If the cover is too narrow or you have too many books in it, there is overhang. Another thing is that sometimes the books are not neatly aligned or curved around the spine. The spine may be non symmetrical. Or if you leave an elastic empty there is often a gap between the books or the cover sits strangely. Or else in order to get everything flush you have to do battle with all your inserts at least twice a day.

Here are my two Galen Leather covers with books in them. In the purple A5 one I have four Clairefontaine notebooks and in the green RS one I have three Midori notebooks and one Midori Kraft folder. So there is one elastic unused.

They fit perfectly. No overhang, perfect alignment, perfect tension on the elastics. I could have fit 6 booklets in each or 4 + plastic pouch + several Kraft folders around the booklets. I didn’t arrange these. I just put the books in, closed the cover and slipped the elastic around the book.



I am so thrilled. These books are so well made and well designed. Something I am ashamed to admit I never expected for the price. Well done Galen Leather!

Author: Janet Carr

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