Håkansson skincare and make-up

One of my favorite skins care brands is by Swedish born Katarina Håkansson. She is a renowned makeup artist and has her own brand, started in Paris, in the 1980s.

With her fresh Swedish modern aesthetic, she was at the forefront of creating the un-made-up look of skin at its best: natural, glowing and healthy. She moved to New York 1995 and her innovative, quick and artful light-handed touch made Katarina a favorite among the industry’s most notable photographers, editors and publications worldwide. She created her minimalist, no-nonsense skincare line to complement her makeup.

I have not used her makeup but I love her skin care. They are multi-purpose so you can use the wash on your face, hair and body, and the moisturiser on your face and body. The packaging is very minimal and user-friendly (as regular readers know, I hate bad packaging of beauty products) and the price is not outrageous.

You can buy the skincare separately or in a kit containing all four full-size products. I usually buy the skin care kit when it is on special. It contains everything you need – a make-up remover, a cleanser, a moisturizer and an oil. They can be used on face as well as body. I absolutely adore the moisturizer. The packaging is practical and no-frills, which I like. It has a very Swedish aesthetic.

In addition to skincare and makeup, Håkansson also does skin sprays, perfume, and make up tools which I have heard are really good.

If you are in Sweden, you can buy these products here

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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Haven’t tried Pure Perfection but I love his products – they always smell so nice! I used to buy the travel kits when I was traveling a lot.

  2. Thanks for the review, Janet. I had never heard of this brand. Very interesting!
    I’m not sure l’ll change my routine and try a different brand though but it’s always interesting to know what’t around.

      1. Embryolisse is not very natural. It is full of chemicals unfortunately but it does its job of hydrating. Other tjan that l wouldn’t advise it.

        Do you know Henriksen Pure Perfection? I discovered it last year and have used it now and again since.

      2. Where do you buy Hakansson products from? Eleven.se does not ship outside of Europe.

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